About Us

Don’t Ya Just Hate Exercising?

We do, too!

But, when you think about it, our bodies are pretty amazing.

  1. For the most part, the more you work them, the better they get.
  2. What you put into them is what you get out of them.

Those are some pretty basic rules, right?

How about we just start there? Let’s first focus on moving and working our bodies a bit and think about what we’re feeding ourselves. Anyone can start there, right?

That’s what this website is about… the basics!

If You’ve Tried and Failed… Then Stop TRYING!

That’s right… let’s not try so hard but ease into it with some easy, small changes to get fit. Once we get some small accomplishments under our belts, we can do more.

Maybe the best approach this time around is to aim for small successes and build from there instead of going full force and quitting a week later.

If you can handle that, then we encourage you to stick around. Let’s work together and make some small changes that can lead to real success in the long run and help ensure we’re not quitting a week later.

It’s just… easy ways to get (more) fit!

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